I use my expertise with human movement combined with the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation to support you to feel ease and steadiness with all of life. No matter your circumstance: physical, emotional, mental - an exploration into these body-centred practices will bring you into possibilities of healing and wholeness. Begin now.....

Choose  a 1:1 session journey,  join me in the various workshops, sign-up series classes and retreats that I offer throughout the year, or sign up for one of the  four drop in yoga classes that I teach every week at Chinook Yoga. If you are pondering deepening your practice or even stepping into the realm of becoming a Yoga Teacher,  check out the  Foundations Yoga School.

Eckhart Tolle

“The power is in          . The answer is in you.
And you are the answer to all your searches:
 you are the goal. You are the answer. It’s never outside.”



Check to  see if your extended health benefits cover work with a Registered Kinesiologist and you could receive coverage for your time with Jaylene. If you have been involved in a MVA and have an active ICBC claim your time with Jaylene can be covered! 
Head to the FAQ for more information.

Join me on an exploration into body-centered practices.  Choose between one 1:1 session, three 1:1 sessions and a  3 month journey of eight 1:1 sessions for the most profound and transformative experience.

1:1 Sessions

A 3 Month Journey

   Eight sessions 1:1  with Jaylene over the course of 3 months to reconnect to your awesomeness and start feeling amazing. Receive 1:1 attention from Jaylene and a program to practice at home.  

INVESTMENT:  $600 plus GST
3 monthly installments of $200/month
(This works out to $75 a session)

Three 1:1 Sessions

One 1:1 Session

Feel ease in your body. Reset your nervous system. Begin to move your body with more ease and less pain. Consists of three 1:1 sessions with Jaylene.

a glimpse of peace

INVESTMENT:  $95/session

INVESTMENT:  $255 plus GST
Paid up front
(This works out to $85 a session)

Land in your body and feel.
Get curious about the  power of your breath.  Connect to your strength and potential.  Consists of one 1:1 session with Jaylene.

more ease, less pain

be awesome. feel amazing

Reach out to learn more and explore all offerings

I came to work with Jaylene since I wanted to get stronger, fitter, trimmer. She listened to me and smiled and said, “Before any of that, I’d like to encourage you to learn how to just BE on the mat.” This is the type of wisdom Jaylene offers. Her unique expertise brought me an awareness of my own body and mind, on and off of the mat. Her attention to the basics of intentional movement with a focus on movement with ease is what makes her a superb yoga instructor. She provided me with drawings of various exercises and poses to take home with me (very helpful). I highly recommend one-on-one sessions.

Darlene S.

...I continue to use the many practices she taught me to help navigate my way through Life, regardless of what comes my way! In working with Jaylene, I experienced a transition within myself - from an unhealthy place of wanting to fix and change my body and circumstances to moving into a space of honouring my body, living with deeper acceptance of myself and my body, allowing myself to rest and recover, cultivating joy in the present moment and embracing overall wellness in my body, mind and soul :)

Brooklyn D.

...She showed me a few ways to release it and some simple exercises but more importantly she talked to me and listened. She taught me that the psoas is a messenger and asked me what I thought it was saying. Through this process I realized how much anger I was holding and that I was feeling angry at my psoas as well. This sounds wild but since sending my psoas love and releasing it from having to hold that anger I have not had a single problem with it. And yesterday I ran a half marathon! I'm so grateful for Jaylene’s wisdom and passion. There is so much more...every part of my time with her was incredibly valuable.

Cindy B.

I currently teach 2 drop in classes per week at Chinook Yoga


Sunday 4:30-6pm Modo inspired HOT (in studio)

Monday 12-1pm Yoga Works (in studio or virtual)


Sign ups /Workshops /Retreats


Retreat to the beautiful fishing village of La Manzanilla.....

February 26th to March 5th, 2023.  Retreat includes:
*7 nights accomodation at Casa Las Golodrinas 
*2 yoga classes per day for 6 days
*1 nourishing, healthy gourmet brunch per day for 6 days; dinner is provided on Day 1 and every morning coffee / tea / fruit is provided before morning practice.  Casa Las Golodrinas has a fully equipped kitchen for your own food storage and prep.  The other 6 dinners we will be exploring the great restaurants as a group in La Manzanilla after the afternoon practice.
*Two Excursions: boat cruise around Tenacatita Bay with optional snorkelling and a Mezcal (Mexican sweat lodge)

Email Jaylene to sign up or for more info. 

2023 Mexico Yoga Retreat

Saturday November 26th 9:30am - 12:30pm

The Psoas (part of the hip flexor group) and the primal messenger from the core of your being. A healthy, dynamic Psoas is a powerful expression of coherency and responsive functioning, affecting our structural balance, muscular integrity, flexibility, strength, range of motion, joint mobility and organ health. If you have "tight hips" and have been getting nowhere "stretching" your hip flexors this is the workshop for you. Or you might just be curious on connecting, nourishing, hydrating and feeling into a functional, integral part of your bio-intelligent body. Join Jaylene Pfeifer, Kinesiologist and Yoga Teacher to gain knowledge and tools on "Nourishing the Psoas"!!
You can attend this workshop either in person or over Zoom.
Cost: $75 plus GST
Hosted at Chinook Yoga.  Sign up here.

Workshop - Nourish the Psoas

Retreat Locally to Camp Friendship 45 minutes from Prince George.

January 27th, 28th, 29th 2023.

$375 plus GST

More info coming.  Email Jaylene to sign up or for more info.  

Winter Yoga Retreat January 2023

I have attended Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, iRest and 1:1 sessions with Jaylene. She has an amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She has a very holistic approach and gives her students tools to use on and off the mat. Her teaching and support has allowed me to make some very positive changes in my life.

Heather K.

Jaylene is an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, kind and wise person. Her cues, demonstrations, humility and sense of humour make her an excellent yoga teacher.

 Janice W.

I’ve really enjoyed your teachings as I follow it daily. You have taught me lots about myself and I am much calmer and aware of my senses. I will continue to practice daily🙂Thank you soo much for the wonderful gift🙏 Keep up the your wonderful teachings as you are very good at it. ❤️

Charlene G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jaylene Pfeifer is a Registered Kinesiologist and if you are guided to work with her from your Doctor ICBC will possibly cover the cost of 12 sessions! Be sure to let Jaylene know you have a claim with ICBC and she can support you to possibly get sessions covered.

Have you experienced a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and working with ICBC on a Rehabilitation plan for your recovery?

Jaylene’s Body-Centred practices support people to work in a pain free range of motion and is a very low impact form of exercise, therefore a Dr.’s referral or note is not required to participate. However, if after discussing your specific needs with Jaylene it may be recommended to speak to your doctor first before starting a class.


Jaylene Pfeifer is a Registered Kinesiologist so check with your extended health insurance carrier to see if they cover work with a Registered Kinesiologist and keep your receipt!


Not at all! Body-Centred practices involve low impact movements combined with possible breathing techniques. 1:1 sessions with jaylene are designed to invite you safely into the somatic experience of your body. All you need is an open mind!

DO I NEED TO HAVE ANY PRIOR EXPERIENCE BEFORE TRYING A CLASS or working with Jaylene in a 1:1 setting?

You do not need yoga-specific clothing, but comfortable, workout clothing works well. We recommend that you dress in layers, so you can adjust your temperature, and bring warm, comfy socks (for final relaxation). You do not need your own yoga equipment. All yoga equipment and props are provided for you; however, if you do own your own mat or yoga props, you are more than welcome to bring them.


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I'm Jaylene, a Registered Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher and Certified iRest Teacher. 

I am the mother of 3 teenage daughters, a lover of nature and the outdoors and a walking partner to River, my dog.
I love outdoor adventures, hiking and being in nature and I enjoy connecting with other curious human beings on how to live a more truthful, easeful life.
I am passionate and continuously curious about human movement, the science of yoga and meditation and sharing these combined practices with others.



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