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They were met with loving arms by their 2 year old sister. So here I was navigating three very young beings in a world that felt so overwhelming at the time. Up until that point in my life I had spent my professional career as a Registered Kinesiologist working with people to support them to move and feel more functional in their bodies.

In the late fall of 2005 my cousin invited me to a “mom and baby” yoga class and I exuberantly accepted. “Take me anywhere”, was my response. And there my yoga journey began.

At first it was this place to connect with other moms and have a friend attend the class with me as I had two babies. What was soon revealed to me was that the ancient practice of yoga had some gifts to share and I became very curious. With my lifelong passion for body movement and inevitably body injury, yoga was pointing me towards an experience of feeling possibilities towards healing and wholeness. At the time, it was being felt in my body. I dove in. In early 2006 I began a 500 hour yoga teacher training in the small basement studio of Chinook Yoga in Prince George owned by Carla Wainwright. This training was a welcomed getaway from my life at the time, attempting to navigate motherhood and marriage. I embraced it all.

In the summer of 2005 the amazingness and intelligence of my body emerged twin girls into the world. 

That year I collaborated with business partners Carla and Jeff to re-establish Chinook Yoga studio as a number one studio in Prince George and a brand new location. I was definitely fulfilling goals and living out some heart-felt desires but at times still felt like something was missing. It was when I attended my first iRest Yoga Nidra / Meditation teacher training in 2014 and embraced the offerings of a meditation practice that I received a true feeling of coming home ❤️

Fast forward to 2011 and I had experienced many yoga trainings, was teaching full time while supporting three young daughters, one with an autoimmune illness, and navigating a divorce. 

As the navigation of life and the world around me unfolds I find myself continuing to teach classes and workshops at my favourite yoga studio / community in Prince George, Chinook Yoga; offer Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats in the community and beyond and invite people into the intimacy of one on one exploration.


If you would like to learn more about my certifications and trainings, you can find my CV here.

Some fun & random facts about me



My heart’s calling is to be outside with my true loves (humans and animals) camping and hiking

I dance daily like no one is watching - music moves me

I have Scottish and German heritage and grew up Highland Dancing

Knitting is a big passion for me and I knit a row or two (sometimes more) every day!

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