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Richard Miller 

At 24 years old, it wasn't in my "plan" to be in this state... I felt trapped and helpless in my body and finally having decided I was ready to embark upon a new healing journey of improved health, vitality and overall wellbeing, I started 1:1s with Jaylene. For two years, she supported me along this journey of cultivating acceptance of my circumstances and my body, creating a space where self love could grow and flourish, and she gently nudged me to see myself as a whole person, as more than a body. She taught me a lot about the value of rest, recovery and slowing downnn (which has been a massive lesson for me). My body experiences physical complex chronic illness such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS), Fibromyalgia and struggles with my gut and mental health. I was at a point where I couldn't see past these labels and felt limited and caged by them. Jaylene gently guided me through physically therapeutic practices and mobility exercises, iRest meditation sessions, and supportive counseling through conversations which changed my life forever. She is full of knowledge about the function and movement of the human body and she shares so much wisdom about accepting life as it is, in full, including the inevitable turbulence or 'waves' that Life calls upon one to surf. I continue to use the many practices she taught me to help navigate my way through Life, regardless of what comes my way! In working with Jaylene, I experienced a transition within myself - from an unhealthy place of wanting to fix and change my body and circumstances to moving into a space of honouring my body, living with deeper acceptance of myself and my body, allowing myself to rest and recover, cultivating joy in the present moment and embracing overall wellness in my body, mind and soul :) 

When I first started 1:1 sessions with Jaylene, I was in a very unhealthy state. At the time, I was fearful about what Life was going to look like for me and if I'd even make it through the experience I was in.

Brooklyn D.

I knew Jaylene was the best person to go to and I was right! She showed me a few ways to release it and some simple exercises but more importantly she talked to me and listened. She taught me that the psoas is a messenger and asked me what I thought it was saying. Through this process I realized how much anger I was holding and that I was feeling angry at my psoas as well. This sounds wild but since sending my psoas love and releasing it from having to hold that anger I have not had a single problem with it. And yesterday I ran a half marathon! I'm so grateful for Jaylene’s wisdom and passion. There is so much more...every part of my time with her was incredibly valuable.  

I went to Jaylene to get help with my psoas muscle that had been bothering me. I had a goal to run a half marathon and everytime I increased my running it would act up and I would have to quit for a few weeks at a time. 

Cindy B.

This is the type of wisdom Jaylene offers. Her unique expertise brought me an awareness of my own body and mind, on and off of the mat. Her attention to the basics of intentional movement with a focus on movement with ease is what makes her a superb yoga instructor. She provided me with drawings of various exercises and poses to take home with me (very helpful). I highly recommend one-on-one sessions. 

I came to work with Jaylene since I wanted to get stronger, fitter, trimmer. She listened to me and smiled and said, “Before any of that, I’d like to encourage you to learn how to just BE on the mat.”

Darlene S.

I have attended Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, iRest and 1:1 sessions with Jaylene.  

Heather K.

She has an amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She has a very holistic approach and gives her students tools to use on and off the mat. Her teaching and support has allowed me to make some very positive changes in my life.   

I’ve really enjoyed your teachings as I follow it daily. You have taught me lots about myself...

Charlene G.

You have taught me lots about myself and I am much calmer and aware of my senses. I will continue to practice daily🙂Thank you soo much for the wonderful gift🙏 Keep up the your wonderful teachings as you are very good at it❤️❤️❤️

I am so thankful to have Jaylene as my teacher, she is beyond knowledgeable and teaches in a way that really allows you to understand and integrate the knowledge of these practices. I never thought I would walk out of teacher training feeling so ready to share the gift of yoga with the world, but with the level of knowledge and support Jaylene provides it's impossible not to have that level of passion and confidence. Thank you Jaylene!   

The 200hr teacher training course with Jaylene was a completely transformational experience. You will leave with an entirely new, beautiful, and immensely deeper understanding of yoga and your self. 

Meghan A.

I learn so much from you through conversations in passing, your offerings as a yoga teacher and most certainly through this yoga teacher training also. Many thank you's for bringing the essence and power of excitement, self expression and openness to this training and to my life and for sharing the deep wisdom of presence and welcoming, Namaste! Xo

Jaylene, the welcoming positivity you bring to the present moment truly inspires me and teaches me a lot about unconditional acceptance. 

Brooklyn D.

She made the experience extremely welcoming, which really invited me to be curious about yoga and to explore & nourish my practice, in ways I had not previously considered. I feel all I’ve learned from Jaylene throughout this training is transformative, and completely necessary for where I’m at currently in my life. I am excited to incorporate into my day to day life all I’ve learned from these teachings, both on and off the mat. 

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to complete my YTT with Jaylene! Her knowledge and expertise are unparalleled.

Brenna W.

For me you live what you teach, and I am attracted to your honesty, love and compassion. There was no "telling", nor did you act like an expert. You simply kept inviting us to look deeper into ourselves to find what we would discover there. You keep it real Jaylene. Heartfelt thanks!

Carol W.

I'm Jaylene, a Registered Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher and Certified iRest Teacher. 

I am the mother of 3 teenage daughters, a lover of nature and the outdoors and a walking partner to River, my dog.
I love outdoor adventures, hiking and being in nature and I enjoy connecting with other curious human beings on how to live a more truthful, easeful life.
I am passionate and continuously curious about human movement, the science of yoga and meditation and sharing these combined practices with others.





 I  want to support you to feel into your truest, most joyful, authentic and awakened being.

I love sharing the invitation for others to truly begin where they are at, explore a practice of curiosity to their innate intelligence and messages of their amazing body and feel into their highest potential. 


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