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There is                   for you to fix or change.


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I love the body. I have always been curious about the human body and “used” my body as a vehicle to move, play and accomplish but never knew the true essence of entirely embodying my body and deeply listening until I  dove into the practices of meditation.



Explore a body-centred approach to feel into the practice of welcoming what is present in the body-mind without having an agenda of fixing or changing anything. Reset your nervous system. Recognize your compensation patterns and begin to move your body with more ease and less pain. 

Feel ease in your body

I love sharing the invitation for others to truly begin where they are at, explore a practice of curiosity to the innate intelligence and messages of their amazing body and then trust it enough to fulfill their deepest heart’s desires. I  want to support you to feel into your truest, most joyful, authentic and awakened being.

Begin where you are... 

I came to work with Jaylene since I wanted to get stronger, fitter, trimmer. She listened to me and smiled and said, “Before any of that, I’d like to encourage you to learn how to just BE on the mat.” This is the type of wisdom Jaylene offers. Her unique expertise brought me an awareness of my own body and mind, on and off of the mat. Her attention to the basics of intentional movement with a focus on movement with ease is what makes her a superb yoga instructor. She provided me with drawings of various exercises and poses to take home with me (very helpful). I highly recommend one-on-one sessions.

Darlene S.

For me you live what you teach, and I am attracted to your honesty, love and compassion. There was no "telling", nor did you act like an expert. You simply kept inviting us to look deeper into ourselves to find what we would discover there. You keep it real Jaylene. Heartfelt thanks!

Carol W.

In working with Jaylene, I experienced a transition within myself - from an unhealthy place of wanting to fix and change my body and circumstances to moving into a space of honouring my body, living with deeper acceptance of myself and my body, allowing myself to rest and recover, cultivating joy in the present moment and embracing overall wellness in my body, mind and soul :) 

Brooklyn D.

I'm Jaylene, a Registered Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher and Certified iRest Teacher. 

I am the mother of 3 teenage daughters, a lover of nature and the outdoors and a walking partner to River, my dog.
I love outdoor adventures, hiking and being in nature and I enjoy connecting with other curious human beings on how to live a more truthful, easeful life.
I am passionate and continuously curious about human movement, the science of yoga and meditation and sharing these combined practices with others.



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